Energy Savers

Product Description:

Power saving is power generation. Saving a unit of power is adding a unit of power to the national grid. Sirius Energy Saver uses State - of - Art Intelligent Technology to actively monitor for balancing the load conditions and improve the Power Factor near unity increases the appliances working efficiency. In Addition, the Intelligent Technology optimizes the Voltage & Current demands thus minimising the current surges and minimises penalty from Electricity department. This in turn results to minimise heating and increases the longer lifespan of the Electrical Appliances.


  • Maintaining Power Factor near unity
  • Maintaining of Power Factor increases the appliances working efficiency. 
  • Minimising of current surges minimises flow of current
  • Reduces wastage of electricity
  • Stabilizes electrical current & Saves Energy Efficiently
  • Instant Monetary Savings
  • No Installation - Just Plug & Play
  • Prolongs the Life Span of Appliances




Suitable for Homes, Shops, Restaurant, Office, Industries 

Rated Voltage


110V to 250V AC

Rated Frequency


50Hz to 60 HZ

Power Factor


Near Unity



1KVA to 50KVA  



Micro Controlled Intelligent Technology suppressing 3rd and 5th Harmonics will add protection to all voltage spike sensitive equipments and saves considerable amount of power ( Controlling of these harmonics can minimise failures of compressors, burning of Motors and blowing of incandescent metal halide Lights. ) 

Harmonic suppression current Surge and voltage spike suppression minimises the direct impact or failure of metal halide bulbs in the operation theatres



Short Circuit
High Voltage Surge

Safety Standard


Fully compliant with safety standard EN