LED Tube Lights

Product Description:

Sirius LED Tube Lights designed to resemble a fluorescent tube light in its dimensions and fixture options suitable for office, cabinet, advertising light, house hold & indirect lighting applications etc., It is driven with a constant current LED driver gives uniform luminance without glare and adequate light, it works on input voltage of 90V to 290V.
It delivers better lighting performance with a little energy consumption of the traditional fluorescent tube lights. Comparing with traditional fluorescent tubes, Sirius LED tube can save over 60% electricity cost. Sirius 8W, 16W, 21W LED tubes can replace 16W, 32W and 40W traditional fluorescent tubes.


  • Work without ballast and starter. Save over 60% electricity cost in total.
  • Over 50,000 hour’s lifespan.
  • Eco-friendly
  • High voltage isolation design
  • No flickering, No UV Radiation
  • Long operation life & Easy Installation







Input Voltage (Universal )


90V – 290V AC, 50Hz


Power consumption


8W – 21W



2Ft ( 600mm ) or 4 Ft ( 1200mm )

LED Type


Make : Nichia / Cree / Osram



PC, Aluminum


Luminous Intensity


4000 – 4700 mcd/LED

25% more when compared with normal tube

light from the height of 8ft - 10ft.


Colour Temperature


4600 - 5500°K


Electronics Efficiency




Power Factor






Surge Current & Over Voltage Protection


EMI / EMC Standard


EN 61547

specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvement in design & technology