Off Grid Solar Power Plant

Sirius Solar specializes in building Off Grid Solar power plant for clients in locations where the power grid infrastructure is not available. It is a breakthrough system for catering to the commercial and domestic power needs of the clients. It is an effective option in places which need uninterrupted power supply. It is also cost effective in areas where there is no power grid as it saves the hassle of investing in expensive and time consuming infrastructure.

Sirius Solar manufactures solar power plants which meet the highest quality standards at affordable costs. Solar Power plants harness sunlight to generate electricity and store the same in battery packs. This power can be used as per need both in the day and night. The team at Sirius has decades of experience in installing and commissioning solar power plants in various countries across the globe.

Sirius Solar specializes in developing and offering customized solutions to meet the demand of the customer. In countries where is abundant sunlight such as India solar power plants will be very effective source of power which is renewable and also uninterrupted? With rise in the carbon levels across the globe and also fast depleting sources of fossil fuels, solar energy is bound to be a major source of power. Also the ever rising cost of fossil fuels and subsidy support being given by the government is bound to offset the cost of installing solar power plants.